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Whether you are looking for a quick solution, or to have your dressing experience made easier, BTNB is a great choice. We can work within your existing wardrobe, choose items curated by style expert Michelle Clarke, or schedule a meet up. Whether she is on the hunt with thrifting or looking at the new, quality and the sharp image are always in mind. Her selections will take you from the boardroom to a social gathering, with looks that are most memorable. The site is updated weekly, so stay engaged for more. 


THE "10"

THE CAPSULE WARDROBE is a collection of high quality, versatile, and essential pieces. This will be a definition of your style and your comfortable wearing it. It will vary from season to season. We round up to 10 quality pieces depending on your investment preference.  This style can be tailored to work, holiday, vacation, social, and more. It's time to let you in on a secret style bloggers and fashion designers have known for years: A capsule wardrobe will help you cut clutter, save money, and create more outfit options than ever.

Contact us to book your sitting at

(513) 713 - 1476

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